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Dashing from the garden

Far too glorious outside to be sitting indoors at a computer. Big littl’un declares that we’ve missed spring and gone straight to summer, and has been seen wearing a floaty frock. I’m not going that far – the voices in my head sound a lot like my Nanna, who would warn us ‘cast ne’er a clout ’til May be out’ – the inference being that if you were foolish enough to remove a layer and consequently caught a cold, don’t go crying to her about it. I did refrain from passing on those words of wisdom, but I didn’t take my jumper off.

I can’t get enough of my anemones. I thought I’d prefer the white ones (classy and understated, you know?), but secretly the rather garish purple blooms are the ones making me smile most.

The thing that made me smile most of all though was finding this little posy on the bathroom sink. It’s little littl’uns doing. She will be known, for the rest of the day, as Mrs Treasure.

posy of weeds

I have been pondering the size of things, hands in particular, more of which tomorrow if not the next day.



Goblin boy (not his real name)

I have a new victim person to knit for. No, he’s not mine; I am well and truly done with having babies. I think this baby’s mum might be too after the time she had bringing him into the world.

We had a thoroughly lovely time meeting our new great cousin last weekend. (Strictly speaking he’s a second cousin, but all the other relatives get to be ‘great-‘ or ‘grand-‘ so we are too.)

Knitting will resume shortly.

P.S. Did I mention how lovely he is?

Hers and hers fingerless gloves

The littl’uns’ school is out in the country surrounded by fields. An idyllic spot with plenty of fresh air; just sometimes there’s a bit much fresh air when the wind comes straight off the north sea and blasts across their playground. Big littl’un’s skin is suffering and her hands are splitting and bleeding, poor love. She’s not a big fan of full gloves, they impede climbing and playing on the monkey bars, so I’ve made her a pair of fingerless gloves to protect her wee hands a little bit. Made some for myself too in the hope that I’ll soon be out doing some gardening.

These are remnants of sock yarn – there’s some Regia in there but I can’t remember the others – bad bad knitter, must start project notebook and keep yarn bands. Mine were two semi-solid yarns but the littl’un wanted a semi-solid mixed with a variegated yarn.

Knit in the round, I started with corrugated rib cuffs; knit stripes for a wee while then increased for a thumb gusset. The ‘jog’ on the stripes on the small pair is pretty noticeable, so on the bigger pair I had a go at jogless stripes. It’ll work on stripes 2 rows or more deep – knit the first round as normal, then when you get back to the first stitch of the second round, slip it purlwise. Carry on as normal for any remaining rounds until your next colour change then repeat.

I continued stocking stitch stripes for a few rows above the thumbs then finished with corrugated rib on my pair, a standard 2×2 rib on the littlun’s for a bit more elasticity.

I think they’d be improved by a bit of palm shaping – whatever the opposite of a gusset would be  – a pleat? A few stitches decreased between the cuff and the palm for a snugger fit anyway.

Little littl’un has suggested that it is her turn to be knitted for. Don’t let me forget. (She won’t.)

Wearing pants on the outside

Turn away knitters, there is nothing to see here.

Sewing has been the craft of the week. The littl’uns needed superhero costumes to wear to school for Comic Relief day but our dressing up box wasn’t delivering the goods. I’m not a big fan of bought costumes – the fabric can be cheap and scratchy and the clothes don’t usually get worn very often. Don’t even think about trying to wash them. So we went down the home-made route and turned three long-sleeved t-shirts and two pairs of leggings into costumes which can be worn again as everyday wear (though perhaps not as an ensemble). Much better value for money, which pleases me greatly.


Big littl’un wanted a lightening bolt on her top, a cape, eye-mask and pants on the outside. What is it with superheros wearing their undies on top? In every other walk of life it would be frowned upon. Give yourself a fancy name and special powers and pants on top becomes obligatory. Her entire costume started out as two t-shirts and a pair of leggings (plus thread, a bit of interfacing and some knicker elastic. New, not used.). Her cape was the back and neckline of one shirt, the pants were made from the front of the same shirt and the eye-mask and lightening bolt started out as the sleeves.

Little littl’un’s superpower was story reading, so she just wanted a book on her top. Once she’d seen her sister’s eye-mask she wanted one of those too.  Her t-shirt design was bits of old fabric I had lying around the house (totally validating my tendency to hoard old clothes rather than recycle them). Her cape previously belonged to Little Red Riding Hood and her pants are half of big littl’un’s bikini.

They proclaimed the results AWESOME and I remembered how much I enjoyed using my sewing machine, so everyone’s a winner. Big littl’un even kept her whole outfit on to go to athletics after school – cape and eye-mask and all.

superhero costumes