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Wearing pants on the outside

Turn away knitters, there is nothing to see here.

Sewing has been the craft of the week. The littl’uns needed superhero costumes to wear to school for Comic Relief day but our dressing up box wasn’t delivering the goods. I’m not a big fan of bought costumes – the fabric can be cheap and scratchy and the clothes don’t usually get worn very often. Don’t even think about trying to wash them. So we went down the home-made route and turned three long-sleeved t-shirts and two pairs of leggings into costumes which can be worn again as everyday wear (though perhaps not as an ensemble). Much better value for money, which pleases me greatly.


Big littl’un wanted a lightening bolt on her top, a cape, eye-mask and pants on the outside. What is it with superheros wearing their undies on top? In every other walk of life it would be frowned upon. Give yourself a fancy name and special powers and pants on top becomes obligatory. Her entire costume started out as two t-shirts and a pair of leggings (plus thread, a bit of interfacing and some knicker elastic. New, not used.). Her cape was the back and neckline of one shirt, the pants were made from the front of the same shirt and the eye-mask and lightening bolt started out as the sleeves.

Little littl’un’s superpower was story reading, so she just wanted a book on her top. Once she’d seen her sister’s eye-mask she wanted one of those too.  Her t-shirt design was bits of old fabric I had lying around the house (totally validating my tendency to hoard old clothes rather than recycle them). Her cape previously belonged to Little Red Riding Hood and her pants are half of big littl’un’s bikini.

They proclaimed the results AWESOME and I remembered how much I enjoyed using my sewing machine, so everyone’s a winner. Big littl’un even kept her whole outfit on to go to athletics after school – cape and eye-mask and all.

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