Mindless scarf on a banister

So what’s a knitter to do when it’s too dreich* outside to model a finished scarf? Use the banisters of course.

Mindless scarf

This was such an easy knit, it’s been my mindless knitting for the past week; picked up and worked on for a row or two whenever there’s been a spare minute – waiting for the kettle to boil or the bath to fill – all those little bits of time that add up to hours and hours over seven days.

Having yarn-overs and decreases on right- and wrong- sides makes it interesting enough not to become tedious, and a great project for anyone wanting to practise wrong-side lace work (that would be me).

I’ll write up the pattern (all two rows of it) once the weather cheers up enough for a photo shoot without risking hypothermia.

* Driech = Scots term for miserable cold wet weather. Wikipedia calls it “Fit tha wether is like in Ab’rdin. Ispecially whun they hiv haar which is like fog but bluidy worse.” They’re not wrong.


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