Frost flowers

The most stunning frost grew on our windows overnight.

Frost patterns

Frost patterns in rising sun

Having been reading Barbara Walker’s ‘A Treasury of Knitting Patterns’ in bed for a while, I’m getting to know the names of lots of lace patterns – so frost on the windows naturally led to knitting a Frost Flowers lace swatch.

Frost Flowers lace knitting pattern

I really like this pattern, though I don’t agree with Barbara Walker when she says it is quickly learned! I had to concentrate pretty hard. The lace is worked from both sides, so there’s no relaxing on wrong side rows.  I think it would be lovely as an all-over pattern on a top.   Its name fits pretty well too.

I also learned more about correcting mistakes in lace knitting:

Frost flkeowers knitted lace mista

Sometimes, being able to sort out problems makes me feel like a more accomplished knitter than when I just get everything right first time. Not long ago I would have unravelled the whole piece; now I’m confident enough to drop down just a section of stitches and knit back up the offending area. Of course in an ideal world there’d be no mistakes to fix, but in the real world I live in it’s good to be able to get out of trouble when it happens.


2 thoughts on “Frost flowers

  1. Yvonne

    For some reason I was thinking back to when I knitted a frost flower pattern short-sleeved top back in the 1980s and became obsessed with the idea of finding another pattern. I came across your blog and was excited to see the swatch you had knitted up. I wonder what happened to my lovely white top, especially as I remember putting a lot of work into it. I continued to read your blog and am enjoying seeing your projects with your Little uns. I have three myself, although they are now getting older, and admire the way you fit knitting etc into your life.

    1. katedorcas Post author

      Thanks Yvonne! I hope you manage to find out what happened to your frost flowers top; I am very tempted to try and knit one for myself, I think it would be beautiful.


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