Knitting for love

There’s no getting away from it; knitting takes time. Lots of it.

Non-knitters think we’re crazy to spend months patiently (most of the time) knitting to end up with a jumper we could have bought in five minutes. What they don’t get is the pleasure that’s been taken in every stitch; the thoughts we’ve had while knitting that are now forever in the knitting; and the love that’s gone into the knitting for whoever we’re knitting for.

That’s what makes this picture special.

Knitted toys on pillow

Little littl’uns current pillow menagerie. Each of those was made for her – the left hand bear by her great aunt; the next by her great-great aunt; the penguin is in a ‘sleeping bag’ that used to be one of the first pair of socks I ever knit and her beloved Mousey is in his brand-new Granny-made trousers.

I think that means she’s one very loved girl.


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