Why I am not knitting

There are many reasons why I am not knitting.

1. I have quilts on the brain

2. Littl’uns require feeding or clothing or playing with or taking to swimming/running/choir/piano

3. I saw crochet hearts on Craftgawker

4. It is cold outside. I am a tight arse environmentally aware and don’t have the heating on so my fingers are cold too. Cold fingers and knitting do not mix.

I could convince myself that they are the only reasons I am not knitting, but I would be lying. The real reason is I am a fool.

I found a reason to go to town. I went to a shop which sells yarn. I bought the yarn to finish the snaw-day cowl. I brought the yarn home. I lovingly caressed the yarn. (Everybody does that, right?) I compared the yarn to the cowl.

Not even close.

Not even close.

No. It’s not the same colour. We’re not even talking dye-lots here. The cowl is CREAM, the yarn is WHITE. Doh.


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