There’s been a lot of slipper wearing around here these last few weeks. My beloved Duffers (Mindie Tallack’s popular 19-Row Felted Slippers) have developed a problem. I don’t blame them, they are almost two years old.

A sad end to the best slippers

A sad end to the best slippers

I thought about darning the toes for a long while. Then I realised (a) I don’t know how to darn, (b) I’d have to make the darn somewhat larger and then try to felt the darn without felting the rest of the slippers, (c) HANG ON A MINUTE … I’m sure I remember knitting a second pair right after the first (sometimes a pattern is like that, knitting it once just isn’t enough).

I went to the back of the projects-in-progress drawer. (There are some horrors back there.) Sure enough, shoved in a plastic bag was another slipper! OK, great, we have one slipper, but by my reckoning that’s still one short of a pair. Then I remembered. I’d taken the slippers on a trip to Canada and made the rookie mistake of not taking enough yarn. I’d already had to go two-tone because I was fairly sure I’d not got enough of the red yarn. The question was, had I left any of the red yarn in the stash?

One 19 row slipper

One 19 row slipper and a sorry amount of yarn to knit its pair

It seemed highly unlikely. It had arrived as a present from my Mum – she knows the kind of present I like – a mystery bag of yarn hailing from the 1970s and picked up at a charity shop. Sometimes I can be pretty determined though, and I kept looking in all the places I’ve hidden stored yarn.


One ball of Pure Falkland Islands Wool

There. Sometimes dreams do come true!

I know what I’ll be doing tonight …


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