In which I introduce …

Kate (that’s me). Interests include knitting, sewing, fiction, gardening, avoiding housework.

Three facts about me. (Possibly interesting, decide for yourself.):

  • I have a Blue Peter badge
  • My stolen passport was found doing something undesirable in Chile
  • I am most excellent in a crisis

The T-boy. Interests do not include knitting, sewing, fiction, gardening. Somewhat more interested in cycling, running, swimming, taking things apart. Right now is building with Lego.

Honestly I'm a bit ashamed posting a crappy blurry picture, but one of the littl'uns took it and it's the only photo with me in less than a year old.

Me and The T-boy. Yes, it’s a crappy blurry picture; little littl’un took it . I’m normally found behind the lens.

Big littl’un. Knits to humour me. Prefers swimming, running, cycling. Amazing stamina.

Little littl’un. Hides dirty undies around house to amuse me. Produces brilliantly detailed drawings.

Little littl'un and big littl'un

Little littl’un and big littl’un


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